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We align real estate assets with business goals and ambitions.

By identifying objectives, analyzing market conditions, assessing risks and opportunities, developing action plans, and implementing and monitoring the plan’s progress, we help to make more informed decisions and achieve better outcomes.

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Strategic Analysis

We partner with executive or board leadership to inform, align, and execute real estate strategy and tactical actions as part of the company’s current operations and forward looking strategic plans.



Lease vs. Own

A $10+ billion financial management firm, headquartered in a building owned by a professional services firm for over 20 years, discovered that the building’s owner was dissolving in three months. After guiding the client through a lease versus own analysis, we negotiated the purchase of the building and provided the client with long-term control and room for growth.

Asset Optimization

We seek to balance the allocation of real estate leases and ownership in a client’s real estate holdings to maximize value and minimize risk, based on business objectives, market conditions, and financial resources.

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New Life for Corporate Campus

Publicly traded global manufacturer with 1 million square foot suburban campus disclosed plans to sell a significant division, potentially changing the campus’s purpose. Due to the lack of a corporate real estate division, we collaborated with the executives to evaluate the current situation, assess the possible risks and rewards of various options, and determine the best course of action.

Cost Management

We aim to maximize enterprise profitability and minimize expenses by analyzing market trends, identifying cost-saving opportunities, negotiating contracts, and implementing cost-effective strategies.

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Logistics Scaleup

Collaborated with a privately held manufacturing company in response to supply chain and logistics challenges from COVID-19. By working with their team to quickly consolidate multiple locations, balance geographic and landlord risk and improve flexibility with lease terms and scale, we secured the breathing room to globally approach all their facilities and help build a more flexible distribution model.

Site Selection

We identify and evaluate potential locations for a business or development project based on prioritized criteria such as market conditions, government approvals, lead time, and cost considerations.

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Increase Brand Presence

Retail and business services company, looking to enter new markets, identified hot spots where their stores would be most successful. Comparing factors such as demographics, competition, accessibility, visibility, and traffic patterns, our team located and analyzed both on and off market sites in those identified areas to create a multiple scenario action plan for expanding their brand penetration.

Due Diligence & Entitlement

Our comprehensive assessment process covers the physical, financial, and legal considerations of a commercial property. When necessary, we obtain required government approvals to modify or develop for its intended use.

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Historic Site Development Options

Quarterbacked team including architect, zoning attorney, designer, and title specialist to identify opportunities and constraints for development of mid-block historic building. Issues uncovered included title dispute that had gone to Pennsylvania Supreme Court, encroachments, blocked egress, quiet title action, and terminated common alley. Identified multiple solutions to maximize adaptive re-use.

Who We serve

Users of Space

We help space-reliant organizations transform real estate to align with their culture and evolving lifestyles, leading to increased productivity and improved customer and employee experiences.

Owners & Operators

We collaborate with real estate owners and operators to identify and capitalize on industry trends and changes, optimize real estate portfolios, and drive operational excellence.

Real Estate Developers

We assist developers in identifying profitable development opportunities, analyzing market trends, and providing expertise on regulatory and financial matters to maximize their returns on investment.

Economic Developers

We are a trusted advisor to domestic and international agencies helping clients navigate myriad complex codes, regulations, and zoning, often assembling and quarterbacking ad hoc teams for the specific client project.

Family Offices

We provide specialized expertise alongside estate and tax professionals, to structure economic sustainability and governance. We work discreetly to preserve and enhance family real estate assets.


We advise institutions on asset valuation, market trends, and real estate portfolio optimization to maximize returns on investments and enhance operational efficiency.

who we are

Paul D. Fulmer


Paul is a poised and influential executive and board leader, recognized internationally for his achievements. He actively listens and collaborates, while advocating fiercely for his clients with bold and forthright communication. With an entrepreneurial mindset, he remains unflappable in crises, maintaining a relentless focus on detail.

Melissa Kelty

Project Management

Melissa is a highly skilled professional who possesses a wide range of expertise in managing complex real estate projects. She is proactive, communicative, and able to manage timelines and budgets effectively, while also building strong relationships with all project stakeholders.

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